Inventarios argentinos: 1 Pampas Glossary (2010-11)

(November 26, 2011: Excerpts from premiere)

“Pampas Glossary” is the first chapter of the media cycle “An Argentine Inventory. Its epicenter is the reinterpretation of quintessential national poem “Martin Fierro”, by Jose Hernandez, made by the writer Pablo Katchadjian.

The formal reorganization of “Martin Fierro” produces the simultaneosly proximity and strangeness on the perception of the Poem. This multimedia work proposes a counterpoint of the poem with images and sounds associated with the literary world.
The place where the poem takes place is revisited from the present, from a video that offers a journey through the pampa through one of its most emblematic routes: the N ° 3.
The music, in a broad sense, produce dialogues with the poem and the narrator, with their voices and their times, as well as with the visual information that follows the route of the trip.

The choice of instruments also respond to the topics of the argentineness, but are placed in a new context. If the guitar is part of the life of the gaucho Martin Fierro and argentine popular music, the piano has played its cultured counterpart. In Pampas Glossary, both instruments are reunited, the interchange ideas and mingle with new technologies to create the soundscape of the current pampa.

Work comissioned by Dirección Naciona de las Artes, Secretaría de cultura de la nación Argentina.


Music: Martín Liut

Martín Fierro reordered alhpabetically:Pablo Katchadjian

Stage: Fernando Rubio

Musical assistance: Damián Anache

Voice: Pablo Katchadjian

Piano: Sebastián Preit

Guitar: Daniel Ducos

Laptop: Martín Liut

Foley: Marcos Gallegos

Soun design; Diego Campos/Axel Lastra


Camera: Lorena Verzero, Martín Liut

Montage and Subtitles: Federico Sanles

Thanks to:

Licenciatura en Composición con medios electroacústicos UNQ, Programa de investigación Teatro Acústico (UNQ), LIPM (Centro Cultural Recoleta)


Online version (in spanish only)

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