The two shores (musical works on tango)

Las dos orillas (músicas alrededor del tango)

 A cycle of works for various instrumental ensembles and mixed media that suggests a dialogue between tango and contemporary music.

In 1998, after a decade of playing, composing and arranging tangos, I began a series of compositions that I call “Las dos orillas.”

The nucleus of this cycle is the consideration of tango as a theme, a challenge and a problem that transverses my experience in contemporary music.

For many years, the use of Argentine popular music within the academic context supposed a sort of elevation of the former thanks to and in deference to the latter. With “Las dos orillas” the intention is to strike up a dialogue of equals between the two genres and their traditions

Tres piezas alrededor de la ciudad (1998)
Cuatro piezas alrededor de la ciudad (2000)
La destilería (2001)
Tres piezas alrededor de la ciudad (Three Pieces on the City) (1998), for marimba and three percussionist.
La destilería (The Distillery) (2001) for percussion quartet.
Estudios para piano alrededor del tango
Las Dos Orillas, Cuarteto (2006)
Tradiciones / Las dos orillas (2001)

Semillas (y brotes) de Milonga

(2020—-) (work in progress)

Cuarteto Tsunami 2
Estreno de 12 semillas de milonga 2021 (en el CCK)
pastorino padilla
gcc hoquetus