Urban Trips

“Urban Trips in Buenos Aires” is comprised of four pieces for quintet of piccolo, bass clarinet, violin, viola and cello. The title is derived from a phrase by Olivier Mongín in his book La condición urbana,  which says that the city is “a finite space that allows for an infinite number of trips.”
These “Urban Trips” are a product of personal experience, of city-use and daily life in this, my hometown. They are vignettes or scenes freely and abstractly inspired by real-life situations in Buenos Aires.

1. Llueve en Floresta (It’s Raining in Floresta)
2. Un café en Avenida de Mayo and Florida (A Cafe on Avenida de Mayo and Florida)
3. De noche en Parque Avellaneda (Nighttime in Avellaneda Park)
4. Amanece en la Autopista 1 (Dawn on the One Freeway)

“Trayectos Urbanos” is dedicated to the Plural Ensemble, directed by Fabián Panisello, the group who premiered the work on 17 November, 2012 in the city of Querétaro, Mexico.

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Cuarteto Tsunami 2
Música instrumental y para medios mixtos
Estreno de 12 semillas de milonga 2021 (en el CCK)
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